Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Message from the Candidate

Fellow Memphians,

I'm running for City Council and I need your support. The seat I'm running for, Super District 9 Position 3, was formerly held by my good friend and supporter Jack Sammons. Jack served this city admirably for many years, but now it's time for the next generation to step up and answer the call to public service. It is absolutely imperative that the well of leadership be refreshed with new ideas and a fresh perspective from time to time, and I do believe that I offer this to the City of Memphis.
As a native of this city who has lived here for my entire life, I am intimately familiar with the problems facing Memphis today. I attended school here, and am proud to say that I even wore the blue and grey of our Memphis Tigers. I have founded and run two separate successful small businesses, and for the past two years I have served on the Memphis Land Use Control Board. These experiences have taught me much about our local government - both what works and what doesn't - and have provided me many opportunities to work with others to accomplish challenging goals. Most importantly, however, I am also a husband and a father. And these are the accomplishments that I hold most dear to my heart, and which are the basis for my decision to attempt to enter into public service.
I look around our city today and I see a fundamental lack of optimism. There is a feeling of hopelessness and despair that I see in the eyes of my friends and neighbors in this community. If elected, my primary objective is to give hope back to the citizens of Memphis. I want to eradicate this defeatist attitude and make our city great again.
We CAN decrease the amount of crime - particularly violent crime - in Memphis!
We CAN provide our children with a better education!
We CAN bring new businesses to this city and create new jobs for folks who just want to provide for their families!
With your support, I pledge to do everything in my power to tackle these issues head-on and to regain trust in our elected officials. Memphis can be a city full of hope again, and I promise not to let you down.


Reid Hedgepeth